Many factory owners do not offer on-site medical services. But M. T. Sweaters LTD. maintain a proper medical care support. Without adequate care, minor illnesses or injuries can become major problems. Factory policies around health care can make problems worse. These include rules that make it difficult for workers to get time off or that dock their pay when they go to a doctor, when they need time to recover from an illness or injury, or to care for illness in their families. Expensive health services also prevent workers from getting the care they need. That is why we think of our workers.

Care and support for injured workers

M. T. Sweaters LTD. pay medical costs for workers injured on the job. This includes emergency transport and care for injuries, chronic strain and overuse problems, and problems from chemicals, noise, and heat or cold. We have a doctor’s room.

Health education classes

Some unions and employers arrange for worker education during the workday on HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, reproductive health, nutrition, and other health issues. Factory owners support this because it reduces worker illness, absence, and turnover, and so increases worker productivity.

First aid and emergency care

M. T. Sweaters LTD. have clinic in the factory, it is important that every workplace has first aid supplies and provides training to help the worker and co-workers respond to emergencies. Training is also given to them weekly so that if a trained worker leaves, there will be others ready to take her place.

First aid supplies are already kept in safe, clean places throughout the factory. So that Workers can be able to access them easily. The equipment’s of the first aid supply kit will depend on the kinds of work they do, but all kits should include materials to treat common injuries such as burns, cuts, falls, and other injuries. The materials themselves will not be useful if the factory does not ensure that workers and supervisors have been trained in how to do first aid and stabilize an injured person until they can get to help. Each set of first aid supplies are also included with the telephone numbers for local ambulance